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"Ninety percent of all millionaires became so through real estate"
Andrew Carnegie


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During the process, interest on your investment loans capitalizes for a short time at the outset. Just to clarify, capitalised interest is not deductible in these circumstances. In TD 2012/1 the ATO made this clear. However this is of no consequence under the system we offer. Full clarification of the rules can be found on The information contained above is not all-encompassing. No action or decisions should be undertaken until supplementary information is provided by Canterbury representatives. This happens during the course of a series of face to face meetings. It is critical to realise that complimentary and additional information needs to be provided before an informed opinion can be reached. Canterbury offer an overall long term strategy that needs to be fully understood by all parties before it is implemented. Canterbury provide all potential clients with a number of meetings to cover all of the relevant information, strategies and ideas. Only after those meetings do we allow any potential client to implement any plan or strategy. To act or make decisions without the benefit of the additional complimentary information could be detrimental. For example it is important to understand that while you quickly pay down a non-tax deductible home loan, other loans might increase at the same time. However the overall strategy is of immense benefit to all the clients we have ever met.

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How We Grew Corie Morrad's Business From
$1 Million to $4 Million Without Sacrificing His Lifestyle

This is how it works under certain circumstances. Check with us to see if it can work this way for you, and to receive the necessary supplementary information.

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